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Our overview We are professionals connecting European vendors and the Japanese market.

Since it was founded in 2007, it has been mainly active as the sole agent and exclusive distributor in Japan for ZACK GMBH of Germany who are known very high grade and unique design in Europe and United States.

Developing a brand takes time usually. Rapid growth ends with transient as a “fashion”. We focus on steadily nurturing fans who really love the brand. We will focus on two things to steadily penetrate the brand. One is WEB Marketing, which we are most good at, and the other is introduction to the best REAL showrooms.
The importance of the former does not even need to be mentioned now. Especially in the era of after-coronavirus, the effect of supplying information and products online became more effective. We have been doing this seriously for 10 years.

In Japan, where the number of customers has returned a little, realistic showrooms are as important and effective as before. The presence of merchandise in well-known hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars, downtown department stores, and popular interior shops complements the proof of trust in the merchandise in itself.
We now have transactions with such department stores, DIY stores, interior shops, prominent hotels, famous restaurants, Japan’s leading real estate developers and a variety of clients.

If you would like to introduce your wonderful product to Japanese customers, please feel free to contact us. Talk to Frank and build a long relationship.


Messestand Zack, Ambiente 2010
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Where magic is happening My Studio

This is the place, where I can work with lights and shadows to create something brilliant. I’m talking about my photo studio that is located at 1250 Welton St, Denver. Here we can discuss and create your photo portfolio in comfortable and professional atmosphere.

How does this happen Processing

Here I like to show you photo processing. Sometimes you can not see result without direct comparison. So I’ll show you direct compare photo before and after processing, where I made retouching photo, removed background noise and improve color brightness.


How does this happen Photo Processing

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